who we are

Bingardi is an accomplished industrial design and product development consultancy firm, specializing in projects that require detailed engineering and commercial prowess, handling any scaled demand.

We are aligned to deliver capital success with our clients by drawing on our industry intelligence, attained across numerous sectors and many years, to create leading products with seamless system integration.

what we do


We take your problem and solve it! At Bingardi, we apply a specialist and sustainable approach to resolving each clients’ individual request. Our methodology is unique, such that diverse skills and dedicated knowledge ensures the best and ultimate outcome for every project.

Initiating with concept drafting, projects proceed through numerous stages of finely-tuned development: researching, designing, prototyping, testing and procurement. Bingardi offer a value-adding process of turning virtual ideas into profitable reality.

As trained problem solvers we achieve end solutions by applying HCD methodologies that address all manner of needs for use, safety, interaction and accessibility - ultimately helping to improve how people work and live.

Our Work

Bingardi works to bring success to your business.

We innovate product or system solutions that consistently returns value on investment via a leading design engineering authority.

Consumer and Automotive Products


Industrial and Heavy Equipment


Business and ITC Products


Commercial and Government Applications


Our Services

Bingardi services are tuned to your business case.

We maintain our rigid process and protocols, but adapt our project structure and task allocation to each simple or complex requirement.

Product Design | Engineering Applications

Bingardi's design and engineering services can be aligned to best suit your business and operational needs.

Aside from ensuring that functionality, looks and feel, manufacturability and salability aspects are all well-defined, our Integrated Product Development (IPD) services also include:
  • Strategic Profiling


  • Project Management


  • Design Thinking


  • Engineering Evaluation


  • IP Planning


  • Research & Grants


To achieve absolute success for our clientele...

...We dare to go that extra step!